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If you already know the path you want to take, you can choose from below.


The path of a freelancer is the choice for those who have a passion for a specific trade, art, or job. It involves solving someone's problem through their work. Taking individual responsibility, these professionals create their personal brand and usually operate independently in the market.

Freelancers have the freedom to choose the type of client they identify with and execute important work that truly helps their clients with their challenges and needs. Common paths include design, development and technology, photography, marketing, music, art, and consulting.

Freelancers are paid when they work.


Entrepreneurship is about choosing to tackle larger problems in a community or globally with a powerful product or service. Typically, entrepreneurs team up with partners to identify a problem and develop solutions. Success is defined by executing these ideas.

Entrepreneurs employ both conventional and innovative approaches to create something greater than themselves.

Common paths include Startup, E-commerce, Agency, and School.

Digital Marketing

The path of digital marketing is the choice for those who want to utilize the power of the internet to work in unconventional ways. There is no need to limit oneself to a product or service, but rather to create varied structures that will produce impactful financial and social results. Individuals on this path act as entrepreneurs and/or freelancers from time to time, but are free to navigate multiple opportunities simultaneously. Some common paths include online courses, affiliates, influencers, and podcasts. Being involved in digital marketing requires the dynamism of closely following social and technological trends and constantly evolving.

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For 10 weeks, you will receive an exclusive class showing you how to achieve Professional Freedom and practical challenges to immediately advance and achieve results. You can choose your path and take the first steps in the right direction towards greater professional success and impact.

E-book "Getting Started Without Spending"

To succeed in our endeavors and actions towards Professional Freedom, we need tools such as email, website, financial management, task and project organization, among others. However, when starting out, it can be difficult to have to spend large amounts of money to create that foundation. That's why in this e-book, I show you how I've already saved over $30,000 in tools for my businesses.


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We believe that a fundamental part of success lies in social relationships.

“We believe that Professional Freedom is not a solitary and individual journey. Our achievements, learning, and failures can be shared and, together, we can grow happier and more positive. The role of the community is to provide support for discussing strategies and insights, as well as to motivate us with the actions and results of those who are on the same path. Additionally, our successful examples can inspire others, and our learning can help someone who may be facing the same challenge.”

Social Media

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Absorb what is useful,
Reject what is useless,
Add what is specifically your own.