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These free resources and materials are better than many paid courses. You have access to 3 10-week courses to guide you at the start of your journey to professional freedom, free e-books, and weekly tips. And the best part is, you don't have to pay anything for it! Enjoy!

10-week course for your professional freedom.

Which path do you want to follow?

Freelancer, entrepreneur, or digital marketing?

For 10 weeks, you'll receive an exclusive class to show you how to achieve Professional Freedom and practical challenges to advance and get results.

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e-book: How to get started without spending money

To succeed in our endeavors and actions for Professional Freedom, we need tools. Email, website, finances, task and project organization, etc.

However, when we are just starting out, it is difficult to have to spend high amounts to create this foundation.

Therefore, in this e-book, I show you how I have saved more than R$ 150,000 in tools for my business.


This free educational newsletter keeps you up to date every week with the most interesting and important information to help you succeed in your work. You'll receive quick tips, tool recommendations, content, and much more. And don't worry, we won't share your email with anyone.

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Book recommendations

One of the most frequent requests I receive is: “What books do you recommend?”

So, I decided to create this list of books that will transform the way you approach your life and business.

They are organized by category so that you can find exactly what you need in the moment.

The habit of reading and learning new concepts is one of the most important factors in achieving our professional freedom.

Recommended tools

“The best way to know which tools to use is through recommendations from people who have already tested and evaluated hundreds of solutions. Gain access to what we use on a daily basis to succeed working independently and running our businesses.”

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book club

The Book Club is a community of people who are passionate about learning and challenging themselves, inspiring us to seek a life with more meaning and purpose.

If you identify with this description, then I invite you to join our Club.

Every month, you'll have access to an analysis, summary, and recommendation of a great book.