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Sobre Andrelug



Hello! I'm André, but you can call me Lug.

My content is directed towards people who are looking to use artificial intelligence to generate more income online.

Constantly transforming my tastes and objectives, some characteristics that define me today are: a content creator, not a perfectionist, addicted to exercise, and a nerd.


I have always liked the idea of working from home, with my own rules, schedules, and projects. So, since graduating college in 2011, I have worked as a freelancer and entrepreneur.

Today, I am a co-founder of Iglu Online,, and Blog Factory. I create content on social media and build and teach how to create AI blogs to generate income.


Right now I'm in Thailand with my wife, Amanda, and our son. We work 100% online and don't have a fixed place of residence.

We live as digital nomads, but we call this project Mini-Lives.

We like to spend a little more time in each new place to absorb more of the culture and customs.

My Story

In 2011, I graduated from university in International Relations and already had a secure job. On August 1st, a Monday, at 9am, I started working in a traditional company. Two days later, I quit and became an entrepreneur 😅.

Well, at that time I don't think I even knew what being an entrepreneur was, but I took on the responsibility of wanting to be responsible for my successes and failures. I don't know if the best word is failure, but let's say that since then I've had many complicated challenges, changes of course, and moments of almost desperation (meditation helped me in those moments to stay focused 🧘‍♂️).

I faced a legal process, had three companies, created dozens of projects that didn't even turn into companies, won hundreds of clients, talked to thousands of people, received hundreds of thousands of visitors on my websites, and had millions of online views. The most interesting thing is that throughout all this time, no client, partner or even boss asked me for my work card or university degree. I learned my craft with the help of hundreds of other professionals online and that's why today I love sharing what I know.

I don't believe in a single purpose or focus for my life and I'm still only at the beginning of the journey, but I've learned a lot so far that I want to share with you. More than that, I want to share the new learnings, challenges and curiosities that will surely come.

I am passionate about the power we have for transformation and how professional autonomy is one of the most powerful paths to freedom, peace, love, gratitude, donation, and self-knowledge.

I understand a lot about entrepreneurship, technology, and artificial intelligence. That's why some of the topics I share here pass through these subjects, always focused on already teaching or informing something valuable.

I really like this thought:

We seek every day the perfection that will never come, so every day we will try to be better than the day before in what we consider to be really important for our lives. The interesting thing is on the journey and not just on the destination.

The great goal here is to be able to share interesting subjects, learn a lot in the process, and share again new challenges and discoveries.

With that, it will be a great pleasure to have your comments, suggestions and hopefully positive feedback.

Oh, and you can call me Lug 👊

Have fun!