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How to start your freelance career spending less (or no) money

“Techniques and tips for always saving money online.”

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“I created this e-book to help you start your business as an individual entrepreneur, freelancer, or self-employed professional without spending too much. Here, you will have access to how to get services that are paid for free or at a discount and suggestions for other alternatives to them.

My methodology has helped me save over 150 thousand Brazilian Real in the last three years. Each one of these services represents an increase in the fixed cost of your business. Most of them have to be paid every month and, even if some are cheap, together they can represent a very high fixed cost for you in the beginning.

Over the years, I have hired numerous of these services. However, since I did not have many resources to develop my projects, I looked for ways to solve problems for free. This led me to find ways to both get some of these services for free and find alternatives for paid services.”

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